VELMA-TEST distilled water

Distilled water is a liquid that is almost completely purified from impurities and is in demand in industry and everyday life. VELMA-TEST Company in Kaluga offers you to buy wholesale and retail distilled water in the required volumes with delivery. The availability of special modern equipment enables us to deliver high-quality products to our customers – both individuals and organizations - on time.
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Distilled water characteristics
Distilled water is a clear, colorless liquid that has no taste or smell. It undergoes multi-stage reverse osmosis purification. The standards GOST 6709- 72 imposes strict requirements on the organoleptic parameters and chemical composition of distillate for a number of indicators - dry residue, content of ammonia, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, aluminum, iron, calcium, copper, lead, zinc, organic compounds, acidity and electrical conductivity.
Distilled water application
Distilled water is used for preparation of acid and alkaline electrolytes, as well as for topping up batteries of all types. It is added to the cooling liquids — concentrates used in automobile engines of all brands and is also used in irons, ironing and steaming devices, which significantly increases the service life of the filter and excludes the formation of harmful scale.
Quality certificates
The quality of VELMA-TEST distilled water is confirmed by the certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.NV61.N12930 and the manufacturer's declaration of conformity.
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VELMA-TEST distilled water
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